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Aura Imaging's High Tech Division: Subtle Energy Explorations (SEE)

Mission: To research and develop detection equipment that will detect various micro-energy fields in the environment. This equipment will be calibrated to known laboratory standards and be able to record and correlate data from multiple sources. Our equipment will aid investigators and researchers to document subtle energy.


Ray Mitchell works for the Subtle Energy Explorations Division at Progen Aura Imaging developing hardware and software for detecting subtle energies in the environment.

For over two decades he has worked at various high-tech Silicon Valley companies since 1982 in the software, embedded systems, automatic test equipment, and semiconductor testing industries.

He recently worked as Chief Engineer at Stanford University's Solar Center for the Solar Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Monitor Program and is currently an adjunct instructor at California State University, East Bay Graduate Multimedia Program teaching technology courses.

His educational background is in computer science where he has earned a Masters Degree (1994) and Bachelors Degree (1989) from California State University, Hayward and two AA degrees in computer science (1986) and Electronics Technology (1987) from Chabot College in Hayward.

Dave Arendash built his first Kirlian photography lab at age 14. He has been with Aura Imaging since 1988 as a consulting programmer and imaging specialist. He has worked on six commercial image-processing applications as well as many 3D projects through his own consulting business for many Silicon Valley companies.

He has headed up advanced software development at Aura Imaging and consulted on hardware for the Subtle Energy Explorations Division. He has been responsible for WinAura, HaloVision, IRUV, 3DAuras, and various special projects, including true 3D without glasses technology.

Dave is currently working on advanced brainwave analysis, and a presentation engine based on Google Earth. He is also CTO for IDEAbulder in San Francisco. Together with Ray Mitchell, he is developing portable ultra-sensitve instrumentation for detecting subtle energies for field investigations.

Dave got his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland (1984)