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Support Documentation

If you're missing some documentation on WinAura or any other of our products, this page will have it for you. You can either download a Microsoft Word .DOC file or an Adobe Acrobat .PDF file.

WinAura Instructions
Complete instruction guide for WinAura. (Last updated August 2013)
WinAura What You Need
Instructions on you need for your computer in order to run WinAura
WinAura Quick Start Guide
You can get WinAura up and running quickly with this guide!
WinAura Quick Start Guide for Windows Vista
You can get WinAura up and running quickly on Windows Vista with this guide!
Camera Instructions
Instructions on using a computer camera with WinAura
WinAura Sample Printout
This is a sample printout of a WinAura session.
The WinAura Key To Interpretation Book
Read more about auras and other helpful information!
What Do Your Colors Tell?
A little handy advertisement. In fact, feel free to take the Microsoft DOC file, add in your own information and hand them out to your customers!
WinAura 3D Important Information
A regularly updated page detailing using WinAura 3D. (Last updated August 2013)
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