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Tested Computer Printers

These are the recommended computer printers, available at most computer stores, to run with the AuraCam 6000. Specific company phone numbers are also listed. Keep in mind that this list was compiled in 1999, so many of these specific models may no longer currently being sold.

  • We tested the following Canon printers in color, plugged directly into the left hand plate of the AuraCam 6000. Canon BJC-1000, BJC-4300, BJC-4400. Visit Canon's website for more information.
  • The Canon BJC-5000, BJC-6000, and BJC-4700 do NOT work.
  • Epson printers will NOT work with the AuraCam 6000.

The printers listed below have been tested in black and white directly plugged into the Aura Camera 6000 hand plate:

  • NEC 1260D, NEC 870. Visit NEC's website for more information.
  • HP 812C, and the HP 4000N black and white laser printers. Visit HP's website for more information. We did not test the HP series 600, 700, or 800 however, however our computer expert told us these printers should work too. If you want to use the HP 600, 700, or 800 series printers we suggest you test them first.

These older printers have also been recommended by AuraCam 600 owners in the past, but probably only work in black and white. You may have one lying around:

  • Panasonic 2130, 2123, 2135
  • HP 500, 393C
  • Citizens GSX 190
  • Most older IBM-compatible dot matrix printers with parallel ports will work great. You may be able to find a ton of these at garage sales and thrift stores for about $20.

If you have a printer that works with the AuraCam 6000 but it is not on this list, please send us the name and model number of that working printer. This information will help other AuraCam owners!

If you are in doubt about which printer that will work, take your Aura Camera left hand sensor plate and power supply to your local computer shop and test printers. Just plug the hand plate into the printer, the power supply into the power source, and push the little black "mode" button one time and see if it prints the status report. If it prints the one page status report nicely, then the printer should work.