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Aura Imaging - IRUV: Expand Your Perception!
IRUV - Expand Your Perception!

Why The IRUV?
For close to a century, practitioners have been using near infrared and ultraviolet imaging to prove skin conditions. But what exactly is "infrared" and "ultraviolet imaging"?

Light isn't merely the light that we can see. Similar to how a dog whistle produces a sound that only dogs can hear, as it is outside of the range of sound that the human ear can hear, light can exist outside of the range of what can be detected by the human eye. The key behind IRUV technology is the ability to use the two kinds of light that exists just outside of what our eyes can detect: infrared and ultraviolet light.

Visible light is the kind of light that our eyes can detect, hence "visible" light. It covers the colors of light we can detect: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
Infrared light, the spectrum of energy located just past the red portion of visible light, shows a world unseen to the naked eye. This longer wave energy can penetrate the skin more easily than visible light, making substructures in the skin visible. Near infrared vision will reveal veins, scars, some types of injuries and many other abnormalities that are undetectable by the naked eye.
Ultraviolet light, which exists right after the violet portion of visible light, is extensively used to see skin-conditions. UV energy can show molds by fluorescence. The combination of the two spectrums multiplies the viewer's ability to perceive conditions not visible by either IR or UV alone.
Differences between Regular imaging and Infrared imaging. Differences between Regular imaging and Ultraviolet imaging.

New Use of Technology
Using specialized computer-imaging technology, we've developed a filtering system that displays energy changes and abnormalities far more vividly than if you attempted to separate the multiple wavelengths. The combination of the two, multiplies the viewer’s ability to perceive conditions not visible by either IR or UV alone. In a real time moving image of the energy, we have found an effective method to "see" imbalance in the energy field, rather than solely diseases in the physical body.

Our IRUV imaging system uses the concept of spectrum "energy packets of the light", or even what might be called "subtle energy photons", to give us the field, both when the incident ray travels towards the subject and when the reflected rays bounce off the subject.

The computer program software filters analyze the different light intensities being reflected from the person or object being viewed. This system is at the same time deceptively simple and enormously accurate in the hands of people who know both how to operate it and what they are looking at.

A comparison of the various lights in a typical IRUV session We believe that we are showing up an energy interaction with light, which gives us additional insight into the interactions of energy flows, which is recognized as the etheric template on which our physical molecules are strung together with; just like beads lined up one by one on a piece of string, this is what keeps us coherent and recognizable. On average ,every physical cell in the human body is replaced every seven to nine years. So when you think of your body not as a solid structure but as a gas that is constantly flowing, it becomes easy to understand the relevance of the IRUV system and how it can assist you and your clients.

How Is It Done?
To see the body's energy field most effectively the person must be in a very dark room with only the ultraviolet and infrared spectrums lighting on the client. Alternatively the filters can be used alone with regular lighting with the subject standing against a white or black backdrop. A picture is taken with a digital video camera, which acts like an artificial eye. The camera cable acts like an artifical nerve connecting it to a computer, which acts like an artificial brain. The program that runs the system makes sense of all the millions of bits of information. Then the end product of what the "brain has seen" displays on the computer screen.

Using your innate interpretive and perceptive skills coupled with the IRUV technology, you can provide a more comprehensive service for your clients IRUV is intended to show spiritual energy only not to be used for medical diagnosis.

Mystics, Intuition, and the IRUV Bridge
In effect, what we have here is a system, which can see the energy from and around the body in much the same way as people with gifts of vision can. Of course technology cannot match the details and intricacies of these people with gifts, but our IRUV system will bridge some of the gaps.

The IRUV used with the light set-up in the dark room or IRUV filters used with normal light are designed to show the subject a way that will enhance the user to their own intuition to help them perceive the human aura in a way that is similar to what clairvoyants and mystics see. They naturally have eye and brain mechanisms that can pick up these subtle changes of light.

When you're looking at chakra colors on our visual equipment, you're not just seeing one color; you are seeing a mixture of colors. If a charka is balanced, one color will predominate for example the throat charka has more of a blue hue when it's healthy than when its not. The same with the base chakra it will be a dirty muddy brown if it is unbalanced and red if it's in harmony. If the red energy goes into the wrong place at the wrong time, there could be problems. Now with IRUV, we are able to show this potential problem.

The IRUV system makes visible many patterns of colors, which an intuitive eye can relate to a person's energy balance and well-being. Research is being conducted to find imbalances that might relate to physical and emotional conditions.

Examples of IRUV Filters

Holistic Benefits
Using special camera filters with Near Infrared technology combined with Ultra-Violet light, the IRUV system can visually represent subtle energy manifestations of the human body. Modern science is finding that living things are surrounded by bio-electric energy, down to the smallest of life forms, and most subtle energy vibrations. Cross culturally, auras are represented from the halos, depicted around Christian saints, to the "luminous cocoon" of Toltec tradition. The spectrums of Near Infrared and UV already have had applications in physical imaging and beyond. These light wavelengths have been used to see dermal and sub-dermal conditions that are not visible under ordinary lighting conditions (see Wood's Lamp).

TOP: IRUV holistic session showing an aura with color balance, BOTTOM: 60 year old man, back and posture related issues, and problems related to smoking The Camera filters are used to interpret this data and show the energy resonance in colors. The colors can tell us a lot about what is going on, for when there is color balance, there is overall harmony in the energies. When the colors are in disharmony, it can show areas of imbalanced energy. This holistic tool is used to show the body's relationship from the internal to the external. Normal visible light will only relate the external. It is left to emotional expression to reveal the rest.

With the IRUV system, these energies can be seen in real-time. Areas of dark, disharmonious colors can be interpreted as being stagnated impediments to the energy flow. These areas can possibly indicate places of conflict around the body. Build-up of these energy manifestations can lead to various spiritual energy afflictions to the earthly self such as emotional conflicts, low energy (spiritual fatigue), and inflexibility related to hindered energy flow.

When the body has an unhindered flow to all of its essential processes such as transfers of energy nutrients through the subtle body, and energy (known as chi or qi in Eastern practices) the body can use its energies to effectively recover itself and eliminate spiritual toxins more effectively. Regularly focusing on balancing oneself, one can expel unwanted negative effects on the mind and body. The IRUV is a visual tool to aid energy practitioners in achieving a harmonious flow in the body. Why not seek out balance? Are your energies too debilitated Perhaps the answers won't be found in another bottle of pills. Perhaps your body has all the potential it needs to be a clean, protective vessel for your spirit. The IRUV can help you see your and understand your energy for the luminous being you are.

We emphasize that the IRUV system does not take the place of medical examination or diagnosis. IRUV is not intended for medical diagnosis. The IRUV is not intended for medical applications. the IRUV system is intended to show the auric field and bioelectric energy. This can help an individual regain balance by associating balance with color.