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Aura Imaging - Additional Equipment Additional Equipment

For the AuraCam 6000, we recommend a solid tripod for video cameras which can hold the weight of 5-6 kg of the camera. Regular camera tripods are generally not as sturdy as is needed. Be sure to get one with heavier duty legs like those designed for video cameras.

Black Matte Fabric Backdrop
Cotton is best, but shiny or glossy fabrics will also work. The fabric should extend about a foot on each side and two feet above and below the subject's face. We recommend a piece of 4x7 material.

Extra Lighting
We recommend two 75 watt indoor/outdoor floodlights, but try to avoid any kind of light that provides too narrow of a beam. We suggest using two lights, one for each side.

Film (Discount on film?)
Compatible films for making Polaroid photos include Fuji FP-100c or Polaroid Polacolor 100.

Extra AA Batteries
Do not buy rechargeable batteries or batteries from offbrands. Batteries which have sat on the shelf for a year or so won't have much power left on them. This is very important because dead batteries result in very dark or even black photos. Batteries are inserted behind the basic Polaroid camera's film pack.

Computer Printer (see also Tested Printers)
The AuraCam 6000 uses a Parallel Port to transfer data from the camera to a printer. We personally recommend using either a Canon or Panasonic printer with a Parallel Port, as we've found these to work the best. However with the advent of USB-based printers, printers with a Parallel Port may no longer be avaliable, so a Parallel-to-USB port converter will be necessary.

All additional equipment you can get - if you wish - from your Aura dealer. Just ask for it!