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Aura Imaging - How The Aura Camera Changed My Life! How The Aura Camera Changed My Life!

Sandy DuVeau is our go-to person for promotional events. She can help current and future camera owners get publicity and booking for events. Owning an Aura Camera has changed her life. But don't take it from us, you can read her own words or listen to her saying so!

“Before I got my aura camera no one paid attention to me. Now I am a media celebrity and every one wants to talk to me.

You wouldn't think a funny little box camera could affect your life so drastically, but I'm here to say.... WOW! It's made me friends I would never have met, gotten me in the midst of media celebrity (radio, TV and newspapers) as well as a much more interesting decade plus of years with no end in sight.

I can't remember the first time I saw an aura camera. For years there would be that strange little machine spitting out colorful Polaroid's off in the corner of our psychic fairs. There would also usually be a nerdy, hyper (and balding) fellow holding up pictures as well as a pretty girl calling out colors. Always there would be a huge crowd around the camera.

What was that about? That was so strange. Occasionally I'd even sneak over and get one for myself to OOOO and AHHH about with friends. But was it something to take seriously? Never!

Eventually the owner of the fairs, Noel, started talking to me about working with the camera. I was appalled... Didn't he realize that I was a true psychic and they were playing. Not my cup of tea at all. My answer was always an emphatic NO. One day I came to a fair preparing to man my booth only to be physically dragged over to a chair by the camera and ordered to 'have fun'.

Guess what? I DID. And the fun has never stopped.

My joy in reading came from using that part of myself that was carefully hidden during my 'real' life and I found that instead of doing 15-20 readings a day I could easily do 100 or more. I also learned that in a 5 minute reading people were actually 'hearing' or 'understanding' more of what I had to say because the visual of the picture was an incredible tool. Instead of being exhausted at the end of the day I found myself energized and in a state of joy that has not stopped 15 years later.

There have indeed been changes. The waist is thicker and the body is flabbier, but my mind has been expanding and challenged so much more than my friends. As they have been settling more comfortably into their retirement ruts I have been traveling. Sometimes to shows with the camera and WinAura and sometimes because of the benefits from them.

I have been to Florida 5 times, Colorado has 5 events a year I travel to, I got to see Washington, DC twice because of shows, Baltimore and the surrounding areas once, Tucson and San Antonio, LA, Las Vegas, Reno, San Luis Obispo, San Diego, Fresno and the whole San Francisco Bay area. Ah.... but for fun...let's try New Years Day in China, Thanksgiving in Turkey, the Golden Triangle of Thailand during their New Year Celebration in hot April, Madrid and Seville, Cancun, Cozamel, Nicaragua, Guatemala twice (great shopping), Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Puerto Rica, Ashland, Hawaii and coming soon...a cruise to Alaska (as well as 3 past cruises to Mexico) where we do ESP classes on board for our own small group of travelers. Does it sound like I'm having fun???? You betcha. I've discovered the only limitations are what we place on ourselves.

Avenues have opened up I never could have conceived traveling. I've appeared on radio and television across the country and turned skeptics into believers waiting for my yearly 'aura update'. I took my camera to a gas station in Colorado Springs to record the colors of the public pumping gas during a huge gas hike and teased a Fresno 'Shock Radio Jock' with off color comments, about his aura color. Whether we are celebrating Christmas with Bill Graham Productions in San Francisco, working a celebrity attended function in an LA movie studio or just a small birthday party around the corner...I meet the greatest people and it's all been an adventure that I hope never ends.”

If you're interested in contacting Sandy, feel free to call her at (916) 723-7052.