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Aura Imaging - WinAura Aura Master Pro

The Aura Master Pro: made just for taking Aura and Chakra photos with reports, your choice of short, medium or long reports in different languages, or snap shot only. Please call if you are interested!

Running Aura Master Pro is simple and easy, can be extremely profitable, but can be done with very little investment! All you need is a laptop (old ones work perfectly fine and can be found for even $100) and a simple color printer (which costs less than $50)... and you're in the high profit aura photography business. You may even be able to pay for your system in one-week end at a new age event; it's THAT hot!

In fact, take a look at this event we did in Canada; over 70 people were waiting in line just to get their aura photo, and that was just in one day! Just imagine what the Aura Master Pro can do for you as well!

Features of the Aura Master Pro System

Perhaps the BEST feature of the Aura Master Pro system is its extreme ease-of-use. Everything can be done with just a simple click of a button! Take a look:

Want to take a picture? One click, done!
Want to print a report? One click, done!
Want to change views? One click, done!

You don't need to be a computer expert to use this app; as long as you know how to use a mouse, then using theAura Master Pro system should be a breeze!

Now, take a look at some of the items that the Aura Master Pro system can make!

4X6 Glossy Snapshots

Chakras with graphs
Full Body Chakra
7 Chakras (no body)
Portrait with Graphs
Full Body Chakra with graphs

Application Screenshots

Main app screen, portrait view
All views can be seen by clicking on the preview pictures below!
Full screen mode
From there you can view Portrait, Seven Chakra, Full Body and the Chakra chart, as well as print your photo... all by clicking on the left buttons!

You can make many Aura/Chakra report combinations with Aura Master Pro program. Just take a look at the photos and reports you can make! You can take and print a snapshot photo, as well as print a report that's over 25 pages long!

Click here to download an example report! (1.2mb download)

Before and After Sample:

Before sniffing a lemon, his chakra was blue.
After sniffing a lemon, his chakra changed to yellow.